Our Company Privacy Policy

Every customer we serve is treated with the highest courtesy and respect. We recognize that your property is a sanctuary, a place of business, or a place where people are cared for. We want each of our customers to feel entirely confident that their privacy is protected by our employees and by our organization. We have developed this privacy policy for Taproot Lawn Maintenance, LLC to better serve our many customers.

Our Promise to You

This is our pledge to customers:

  • • Your property information is shared only with company members who have a need to know
  • • We will not discuss your personal lawn maintenance decisions with other customers
  • • As much as possible, our team members will inform homeowners of when and where they will be working
  • • We will work with you to address particular privacy concerns

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, we encourage you to call Taproot Lawn Maintenance at 803-430-1220.